Wrong No 2

Epk recently went to the sets of Wrong No 2, a comical Yasir Nawaz film that has well established a brand name for itself after the success of its previous part, Wrong No. The film is being produced by Amjad Rashid and Hassan Zia.

We chanced to meet the much acclaimed veteran actors Javed Sheikh and Mehmood Aslam on the sets of Wrong no 2. We seized the opportunity to interview them and chatted with them about their roles. We also got them to share their experience of working with the director, Yasir Nawaz.

While talking about his role, Javed Sheikh said, “When the script of Wrong No 2 was finalized, they approached me and told me that they would like me to play a whole new character in this part which is very different from my previous role. This role is very interesting and its very good. It’s also challenging as I am playing a “Pathan” whereas I am essaying the role of a Pathan after many years. I last played a Pathan in Syed Noor’s film, “Jeeva” which also starred Nadeem Saab.”

He further added, “In this film, I will be working with Mehmood Aslam. We previously worked together in Teefa In Trouble and were popularly liked. So we are working together again however the audience will see us in completely new and different avatars now. I am having a lot of fun and so is Mehmood Aslam.”

We asked him about his views on the director, to which he replied, “Its been a good experience with Yasir Nawaz. He is able to define a character well and tells us how to play that character. He is an actor himself and therefore he is well able to guide. He knows how to take shots, and he is always there upon us like a shadow to guide and translate his vision”

We also possed the same questions to Mehmood Aslam. Talking about his character in the film he said, “My character is very fun however I will not disclose much about it. But I am sure that you will enjoy it IA.”

He also shared his experience with Yasir Nawaz. He said, “As for working with Yasir Nawaz, I have old relations with him. He is like my younger brother. I have also worked with his father.”

He further added, “Yasir is very talented. He understands characters well and understands the pace of situations well and is able to carry them accordingly. We do a lot of scenes whereas there is always a huge difference between the scenes we do and the outcome that appears when the scenes are accumulated. So well done to Yasir. My prayers are with him.”

The film stars Sami Khan and Neelum Munir in the lead and will see release on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Watch our exclusive video on the sets of Wrong No 2 here:


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