Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf are all set to reap fruit from their Eid release. The duo will be seen romancing on screen. The trailer, the music and even the censor report has praised Superstar, will it be able to shine at the box office, only time will tell.We had the stars over at our studio for an exclusive interview. It was my first time talking to the actress and it is certainly something major interviewing a star of her caliber. But her very welcoming persona made me feel comfortable around her in just a few minutes.

“A Plot Twist Was Missed By Fans In Superstar’s Trailer” says Mahira Khan

Mahira is a much loved actress yet some often raise questions on her choice of films.Her most recent work is Superstar and The Legend of Maula Jatt.
Talking to me, Mahira got candid about her filmography so far.The way Mahira sees it she likes to do diverse roles and she would be doing so with her two upcoming releases as well.

“The only thing that I am excited about Maula Jatt is that I can’t wait. I have done Superstar and after that there will be Maula Jatt. For me it is just two such opposites. That is my only thing. You know people ask me why did you leave this, why did you do this? Why don’t you do “hit” stuff. It is my career graph, its my filmography,so I feel like these are my choices that one day when I am old and I look back I think okay these were my choices, whether they worked or not.

I was able to do Bin Roye or Ho Maan Jahan, Raees, or Verna or 7 Din, I have tried to do something different in my capacity every single time.Sometimes it is good to repeat the hit formula, but I have never done that, may be I should, I will” she winked at me while gently sipping her tea.

My conversation with Mahira Khan was very interesting which led her to share how Superstar is one of those films that has made her emotional while shooting it, as she has lived with it for so many years. There were moments when she could imagine the whole scene and it really made her emotional.

“There is a dialogue in Superstar that Momina, Azaan and Ehtesham Bhai all said that this is written for you. There is a dialogue where I tell Bilal

Kitna Ajeeb Hai Naa K Puri Zindigi Aik Khawaab Ka Peecha Karo Aur Jab Woh Ap k Samnay Ata Hai tu Dil Kehta Hai Aik Minute Bus Aik Minute Main Abhe Ready Nahe Hne

That is how I feel about Superstar. Wait it is happening! And it is not happening for the world, it is happening for me”

Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf in Superstar

Talking about Bilal Ashraf she had nothing but praises “Initially with Bilal everyone was like no no, but when it was ending I was like I would have had no one, no other actor, nobody except for him.And you will see that in the film”

The trailer of the film gave a very slight idea about the film and some of the dialogues were very impactful. We teased her with what we had heard about Superstar, of course she didn’t confirm or deny anything but she did sum it up in one dialogue from the film that came towards the end of the trailer. She told us how it ends,

“Lo Ban Gaey Main Sitara, Magar Kho Gaya Asmaan Hamara”

Well we got what we needed lets leave it for you guys to interpret what she was hinting on. Superstar premiered in Karachi and received great response. Superstar is releasing nationwide on Eid ul Azha we wish her all the best for this one and hope to see The Legend of Maula Jatt very soon!


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