Veteran actor Firdous Jamal opened up about the struggles his children had to go through in the industry. His son Hamza Firdous has returned to Ireland while his daughter also faced an issue with Hum Tv.

In a detailed interview with Epk, illustrious actor Firdous Jamal answered why his children have been unable to find a footing in the media industry.

“Perhaps because they expect a lot from them, while their training is quite different. My son Hamza took acting classes from Ireland. But they do not want a good actor these days, they only want a model. They are concerned with self-projection. While I have been teaching my children self-negation! So when my son came here, they treated him like a model. He said that he is being mishandled, they were not giving him the characterization or the characters he wanted.” He said.

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“And then there are also those sad and insecure people in the industry who develop an inferiority complex. They do make a name for themselves, they do work well and do acquire a rank in their lives however they are still complexed from their seniors or those who are better than them. So then they take it our on their children.

There are some people in the media industry who have done this with us. They could not take their revenge on me because I have already been very blessed by God and they can not take back my recognition from me, so they are taking it out on my children instead.= because my children are only beginners.

So maybe some people became revengeful against them or they carried a grudge. They didn’t give my children a response, which they should have. They should have given them roles based on their merit but unfortunately they themselves are not aware of what characterization is! These days, they are only concerned with appearances. They want lavish sets, a beautiful girl and a boy and that is it!” He explained.

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