Tariq Mirza, also known as Tee-M, received a rapturous response in the 1970’s in the USA after his 1968 debut, when he left Pakistan to broaden his horizons. The guitarist and singer first ventured into music in 1965 at the young age of eleven when his cousin left behind his guitar.

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It is interesting to note that Tee-M did not receive any formal music education and is self-taught.

The 1968 Hill-Toppers founder has been bestowed with the honor of playing at the Beatles sensation, John Lennon’s 25th memorial at Capital Records. He was the one who lit the first of the 25 candles during the memorial.

Thanking Entertainment Pakistan for hitting up on him, the US based artist talks exclusively about his life; aftermath of 9/11 and explains how the piano is the most technical instrument to play.

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He commences to explain the appreciation gained by his first brainchild, The Hill Toppers. The pop band that kicked off its operations in Karachi changed its name to the 21st Century and won the first Battle of Bands to be held in Pakistan, receiving a gold medal.

On being asked if he is settled in Los Angeles from the beginning, he revealed all the places he has lived. At the end of 1972, he went straight to Michigan and then settled in Texas for 10 years after which he moved to Santa Monica, California.

Revealing the secret of his longevity in music, he believes his love for the art and his inspiration from the US hit band; Beatles are the main prerequisites for his consistency. He decided to self-learn the art when he found out that the members of Beatles were self-taught as well.

When questioned of America’s love for him and if the 9/11 affected him, he disclosed the tightening of security for Muslims in public places but personally, he was not subject to discrimination.

He has popular hits, Sooji Ka Halwa Khao and Kisses by the bucket to his credit and, thus, was asked about his fan base to which he revealed that the Governor of Massachusetts, Michael Dukakis personally came to Tee-M’s rehearsal hall to praise his music which was a big honor.

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In the end, the Earthiotic producer was requested to give a message for his fans on Entertainment Pakistan, to which he thanked Epk for inviting him and motivated all music lovers to never give up on their passion for music, even if they do it on a personal level.

We really enjoyed the live session with the US based singer and musician and will definitely catch up with him in the future. We wish him luck for the future.

Watch His Full Interview Here:


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