Nadeem Baig & Humayun Saeed

Humayun Saeed is ruling at the small and the big screens in Pakistan. The actor and producer has truly played a very pivotal role in contributing to the new age cinema and furthering its growth. It was when Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig joined hands, that Pakistani Cinema got three blockbusters i.e. Main Punjab Nahi Jaungi and the Jawani Phir Nai Ani installments. Humayun Saaed and Nadeem Baig’s collaboration has surely been auspicious for Pakistani Cinema.

In an interview with EPk, the ace director Nadeem Baig told us why he always work with Humayun Saeed.

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“People always ask me, why do I always work or want to work with Humayun Saeed? But whenever Humayun Saeed comes on the cinema screens and does what he is supposed to do in his character in the film, people absolutely love him.”

Humayun Saeed and Nadeem Baig

He added, “People could not believe that Humayun Saeed will be able to essay the role of a Punjabi in a film like Punjab Nai Jaungi but one has to believe in the potential of an actor. I think Humayun Saeed has tremendous potential and it is our fault that we have not explored that potential.

Humayun Saeed created an opportunity for himself, by producing a film which had Khalil saab, Wasay Chaudhry and myself. And we all created an opportunity for him too.”

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He continued, “It is very strange to hear people say that Humayun Saeed shouldn’t do films. He has done only about 4-5 films. As long as people are loving his films, he will continue to do films. The day people stop watching his films, Humayun will himself understand that he should stop however people love him right now and he is a superstar.”

Nadeem baig and Humayun have contributed significantly to the revival of the film industry and we hope they contiune to do so in the future. Epk wishes them the best of luck and Epk surely wishes to see the superstar Humayun Saeed in several films to come!

Watch his Nadeem Baig’s exclusive interview with Epk here:


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