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Danish Taimoor starrer Janbaaz is one of the anticipated dramas to be aired on Express Entertainment. Directed by Aamir Yousuf, promos of the serial have released. It was said to be the sequel of 80s hit drama “Andhera Ujala”. However we had previously inquired into the matter and sources close to the producers had revealed it was not the case. The drama has been produced by Everready Pictures for Group M.

No Sequel of Andhere Ujala Reveal Sources!

Talking exclusively to Epk, director Aamir Yousuf, discussed the drama and also addressed this speculation,

Janbaaz is a series so we will have a new story in every episode. It is a cop drama revolving around a police station where new cases will be brought in every episode and they will be solved. Andhera Ujala is a classic police drama and whenever a drama will be made on this theme, naturally people will link it or compare it to Andhere Ujala. Janbaaz however, is not in any way linked to Andhera Ujala.

With the dramas promotional content being floated these days, we were curious to know the release date of the drama.

“Janbaaz has been scheduled for every Wednesday starting from 13th November 2019. The drama will be jointly airing on Express Entertainment and PTV Home.”

Well that means we are just 10 days away from seeing Danish Taimoor in the character of a police officer. The drama sounds like a breather from the typical content we frequently see. In fact the director himself admitted to having picked this project because of the uniqueness of the theme. The drama has been written by Shahid Dogar and the script was supervised by ace writer Umera Ahmed. Amir Yousuf revealed that he was sold on the drama after just hearing the one liner during his meeting with Umera Ahmed.

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Besides Danish Taimoor, who will be playing ASP Jasim, the cast also includes veteran actors like Irfan Khoosat and Qavi Khan. They were both co-incidentally also part of cop drama Andhere Ujala. Senior actor Rashid Farooqi and up and comer Ayaz Samoo will be seen in pivotal roles as well. The drama stars the Koi Chand Rakh actress Areeba Habib as female lead. With such an amazing cast on board, we are anticipating this serial to take a big start at Epk popularity charts. Danish Taimoor’s most recent drama Mera Rab Waris was a hit and a regular in Epk’s top 5 popular dramas of the week. Same goes for Areeba’s Koi Chand Rakh. We are excited to see where Janbaaz lands in Epk popularity charts and whether it make it in top 5 or not!

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