The awaited romantic comedy Heer Maan Ja is gearing up for release on Eid ul Azha. The film comes from the successful makes of Parchi. Helmed by Azfar Jafri, the film stars the lovable pairing of Hareem Faroooq and Ali Rehman who were last seen together in Parchi. IRK films and Arif Lakhani films have always impressed us with their music.

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Janaan featured songs from some of the most popular Bollywood playback singers Shreya Goshal, Bhoomi Trivedi and Armaan Malik. In addition, the famous composers of Indian music, Saleem Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant composed Janaan’s music.

Whereas, Parchi’s hit music was an instant chart buster. The film’s dance number Billo Hai is still one of the most popular dance numbers till date. The upbeat and fun number is still played on every other wedding even now. The song was sung by the famous Indian singer Manj Musik. Parchi even featured a song by the much adored Indian singer Mika Singh titled “Imagine”, which was extremely well choreographed and shot.


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Going by the past trends, Heer Maan Ja’s music is also anticipated to be an absolute chart buster! The film’s background score sounded great in the teaser. We reached out to the film’s producer Arif Lakhani to find out more about the film’s music.

Heer Maan Ja features four songs. Talking about the film’s music, the producer said, “You have heard one song that is a wedding song in which Ali Rehman and Zara Sheikh are dancing, that is one of our soft songs. One of our hard songs is the title song of the movie, it is a next level song. Its video is also next level.”

Ali Rehman and Zara Sheikh from Heer Maan Ja

Besides this, the producer also revealed that his favorite song from the film has been sung by a young and very famous singer along with an upcoming singer from Islamabad. While he did not reveal the names, he did say that she is a very talented singer. He did not reveal the identity of the singers as yet but he did have this to say about the song:

“That song will be heard for years to come!”

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Another song in the film is in montage sequence, and will be heard throughout the film. It is a very sweet romantic song. There are four songs altogether while the fifth song is another version made of one of the four songs.

Another piece of interesting information that the producer shared was that the songs have been choreographed by the multi-talented Osman Khalid Butt. He is the one who wrote Janaan and he also the prodigy behind the dance sequence of Billo Hai.


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