Veteran actor Saba Hameed has long graced us with her memorable performances on Tv. She has truly became a household face with a 3 decade long career behind her. The well reputed and versatile actress is switching gears and making her directorial debut with an upcoming drama “Ghalati” on ARY Digital.

Ghalati is bringing back the Do Bol famed jodi of Affan Waheed and Hira Mani. The drama’s teasers have been creating a lot of buzz. While it is certainly commendable that this will be Saba Hameed’s first directorial, Saba Hameed has been avoiding the limelight due to her reserved and humble nature.

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This is why Epk reached out to the drama’s actors and asked them to share their views on Saba Hameed’s direction!

The drama’s main lead, Affan Waheed was all praises for Saba Hameed. “I had a lot of fun working on this serial. Saba Hamid is a visionary and you can completely rely on her as a director. There are times when an actor tends to get so engrossed in acting that they forgo everything else. That is where you can really trust Saba to take care of the rest.” He said.

Prominent senior actress Saba Faisal also had kind words for Saba Hameed!

“The teasers of Ghalati are on air these days on ARY Digital. It is a very beautiful serial and what makes it special is that this is Saba Hameed’s first directorial.” She said.

“I have worked with Saba Hameed as a co star multiple times. It was always a pleasure working with her however I felt like there was this gap between us back then because she was a senior actor and I respected her a lot. However, after working in her directorial, I have become closer to her. She is a very confident director. Her vision is remarkable. She has employed her entire life’s experience and everything she learned from the directors she worked with into this serial. Do watch it! Its going to be a very good serial!”

We have long enjoyed Saba Hameed’s various characters. We are glad that the actress has now taken the director’s chair. We hope her direction will be just as great as her acting skills!

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