Gawah Rehna is based on the historical ties between Turkey and Pakistan. The camera of the upcoming film Gawah Rehna was closed in October 2019. The film is now in its post production phase. Most of the editing has been completed while the team is now working on the grid, sound and music of the film.

Gawah Rehna revolves around the historic Khilafat Movement, launched by Muslims of the region to save Turkey from imperial powers. Here are some exclusive and compelling BTS of the film!

Talking to Epk, Tahir Mahmood the writer and director of Gawah Rehna said that they are super excited for the film’s release. “We have been receiving very good feedback on our film. They say its a very gripping narrative with very strong characters” He said.

Exclusive: Camera Closes for Emmad Irfani’s Gawah Rehna

Gawah Rehna has also received a lot of coverage by the mainstream media in Turkey and by international publications. The film will be releasing in Turkey in its dubbed version with the title “Şahit Ol” meaning, “Bear Witness.”

“We are super excited and we are looking forward to an earliest possible release” said the director.

Based on a rural story of Punjab, the film has been shot in various locations of Punjab including Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot and other areas. The cast of the film includes the good-looking Emmad Irfani, promising actress Ghana Ali, veteran Qavi Khan, prominent actors Rabya Kulsom, Rehan Nazim and Turkish actor Mert Sismanlar.

“Gawah Rehna is an educational film about Khilafat Movement” Ghana Ali

Gawah Rehna is slated for release in March 2020.  For more exclusive updates on the film, keep an eye out on this space!

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