The local film industry might not have had an ideal 2019, but the upcoming year seems to be more promising in many ways, with one of them being a certain Yaara Vey. The romantic love story featuring Sami Khan, Aleeze Nasser and Faizan Khawaja, has been making rounds due to its filmi execution and priceless locations that seem nothing less than out of this world. However, we at EPK, bring to you the first look of the film, with some behind the scenes and some actual film shots in the form of images, enticing you more about the 2020 release.

Exclusive: Sami Khan & Faizan Khawaja Don a Dashing New Look in Yaara Vey

And then there are these pictures of the leading pair Sami Khan and Aleeze Nasser fooling around, and what looks like having loads of fun in Georgia during the shoot. The two seem oblivious to the freezing temperatures during the shoot thanks to their sizzling chemistry and a positive attitude. Be it on a bus or on a sidewalk, they seem to care less about the falling temperatures, savoring the moments on the sets…making it more of a playground of creativity, spontaneity and great energy.

Aleeze looks like someone whose fresh entrance into the cinema industry this year will certainly make things go in the right direction because we need youngsters who look good, can act and carry themselves with confidence and the right professional attitude. As for Sami Khan, he is still the main hero of 2019’s most successful flick Wrong No. 2 and if that doesn’t mean he is reliable, I don’t know what does. Plus their pairing seems amazing, almost magical like!

Watch: Leading Lady of Film “Yaara Vey” Talks About Sami Khan & Faizan Khawaja

This is one of the exclusive stills from one of the songs from the film; here Faizan Khawaja is seen dancing with Aleeze Nasser who looks lovely in the Eastern outfits. Don’t be fooled by her Western looks, she is as comfortable as the rest of the Pakistani folks. She carries both looks with utmost ease and perfection.

In an era when we hardly come up with good peppy dance numbers, the one from Yaara Vey might change the trend. Faizan and Aleeze too seemed to have hit it well on set and have apparently had immense fun working together. They describe their chemistry free-flowing especially as they both are great fans of music and dance. And we know about Faizan’s skills when it comes to dancing; he was the person behind the Step and Dance video and also showed his prowess in Chupan Chupai where he stole the show in the second half, literally.

Watch Exclusive Behind The Scenes of Yaara Vey Here:


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