Illustrious senior actor Firdous Jamal has done numerous television, theatre and stage plays. Among various awards, he has also been awarded the Pride of Performance by the government. The actor came under fire last year when he claimed that Mahira Khan is not a good actress on a Tv Show hosted by Faysal Quershi.

Following his comments, Hum Tv banned Firdous Jamal. In an interview with Epk, veteran actor opened up about why he made those comments on Mahira Khan. He also expressed his feelings on the ban which was imposed on him by Hum Tv.

Exclusive: Firdous Jamal Explains Why He Said That Mahira Khan Is A Bad Actress In Epk Podcast!

When our host questioned him about the ban, Firdous Jamal slammed the Tv channel. He said, “I want to ask everyone, how much have I worked on Hum Tv? And what is Hum Tv? Is it some Star maker? It may make a star, but it can not make an actor. Because actors are born. Actors and fools are born!

I was given all the awards, recognition and acclaim before Hum Tv even existed. No one even used to know Hum Tv back then. Who was Sultana Siddiqui? She only made a serial or two with Karachi Tv back when she was only a producer. Who are these people?” He asked.

“I refused several of their serials! and that too because I did not have time. I was busy else where. I work at one project at a time! I do not run after money.” He added.

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Watch Firdous Jamal’s full interview here:


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