Faysal Qureshi has numerous adored dramas to his credits. The cherished household name has been garnering a lot of love over the years with stellar performances in one drama after another. The actor has played various different roles, from righteous characters to villainous beings to perfection and he ceases not to impress each time.

The diverse and hugely talented Faysal Qureshi is pairing alongside Madiha Imam in an upcoming drama. This duo was previously seen in father-daughter roles in Baba Jaani. Essaying the character of a feudal lord, Faysal Qureshi will now be pairing opposite the beautiful Madiha Imam.

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Teasers of their upcoming drama have been creating a lot of buzz lately. However, the drama’s first two teasers are also reminding people of popular drama serial Mera Saeein, which was also based on a feudal lord who marries several women and is oppressive to his wives. In addition, Faysal Qureshi also played a feudal lord in Virasat.

So we asked the actor how similar or how different is this new drama from these previous dramas?

“The characters, their behavior and the thinking behind this drama is very different from both Mera Saeein and Virasat. My character is unique because it is a grey character. It can neither be categorized as negative nor as positive. There are very few grey characters written these days. It is a very strong character. The story-line is very interesting, it is relatively different from other dramas”

We also asked him to spill some beans on the cast!

Ayesha Gul is playing my first wife. Then there is Madiha Imam. Sabeena Farooq is playing my daughter, Haroon Shahid is playing my nephew. Ali Ansari is the hero of the drama. All of the characters are very strong. Saife Hassan has a very good role and Fazila Kaiser has a very good role as well.

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Watch the drama’s first teaser here:

What can the audiences expect from the drama?

The best part of the play is how beautifully the story has been knitted. This is Iqbal Bano’s serial. The dialogues are very compelling. This drama has been directed by Sheharzad. He has shot this drama in a different style than his usual style. It is a grand serial. People will really like the characterization, situations and dialogues of this drama. The episodes are very strong.

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Watch the drama’s second teaser here:

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