The Window is an upcoming film by an accomplished Hollywood actor & filmmaker Faran Tahir. The film is currently in the works, as it is being shot in a village nearby Islamabad. The film stars Wrong No 2’s star Sami Khan, seasoned actor Faysal Quershi alongside actor and classical dancer Suhaee Abro in pivotal roles.

In a detailed interview with Epk, Faran Tahir opened up about the poster of the film and the social cause attached to it among various other interesting aspects of the film.

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Talking about how the film deals with a social issue, Faran Tahir told us that they do feel a need to cater to the social responsibility that comes with dealing with such an issue.

Faran Tahir said, “Since this film banks upon and highlights a grave issue, I personally believe that it wont be enough to only just make profits on it. Therefore, we have decided that a sizable percentage of the profits we make, should go to the charity or the NGOs who take care of such women.

It is very important for us to keep a balance between both the business side of the film and the social responsibility attached to it.

Hopefully people will go out to see this movie and they will like it. We will make sure that that a portion of the money we make, gets to the right people so that we can do something good with it.”

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Don’t you think the poster is a bit too bold for Pakistani audiences?

“Our poster is actually pretty simple. There is a window and there is some light coming in from the window. We purposely kept the poster shrouded in mystery so that people’s curiosity increases and they get incited to see the movie.

It is a very grave film. To such an extent that I believe there are not any other films made on a graver issue in Pakistan. The film’s poster is explicit in the sense that it is dealing with the hard realities of Pakistan. It isnt something that is unheard of, it is only explicit in the sense that it is a bitter reality.”

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