Epk recently hosted Hollywood actor Faran Tahir in its studios. Faran Tahir comes from a highly accomplished Pakistani family. His father Naeem Tahir is a veteran film/ tv actor of Pakistan, while his mother Yasmeen Tahir is the famous voice of Radio Pakistan. In addition, his grandparents Imtiaz Ali Taj and Hijab Imtiaz Ali were highly esteemed and celebrated personalities of Pakistan.

The Hollywood actor appeared in several American television series and films. He is best known for his roles as Raza in Iron Man and Captain Robau in Star Trek. Currently, Faran Tahir is making a film, The Window which stars Pakistani actors Faysal Quershi, Sami Khan and Suhaee Abroo.

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The actor sat down for a detailed interview with Epk. He also talked about how it was like to work with Illustrious Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr! Faran Tahir who essayed the role of Raza in Iron Man revealed that Robert Downey Jr was also present for auditions when he went there.

He said, “Robert Downey Jr is probably one of the most gentle, humble and truthful person you will ever come across. However, when you are working, you put all of that aside. You put your fame, your ego and everything else aside.”

When I went for auditions and we were outside the audition room, Robert Downey Jr approached me and asked,” So are you playing Raza?” I said, “Yes I am.” He asked, “You want to run lines?” So once we did that, he said ” Look once we go inside, they will give us ten different ways of saying all of this. When we go in there, if you need to throw me against the wall or you need to slap me or if i need to slap you, lets just say we will do everything we need to do. Once we come out, we will hug it out and we will apologize. But in there, I am yours and you are mine.”

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