Faizan Khawaja and Kinza Hashmi played an onscreen couple which met with a tragic end in Ishq Tamasha. While both of them died in the drama, people still kept rooting for them. It is no surprise then, that the two have paired up again in a drama which is currently airing on Hum Tv, Tu Ishq Hai.

The people’s favorite couple has returned on public demand. We asked Faizan Khawaja what he believes is the contributing factor to the popularity of his couple with Kinza Hashmi?

Faizan Khawaja replied, “Personally I think it’s the product. The product of Ishq Tamasha was very effective. There was no consensus between the pair in the drama. They do not get to live happily ever after. Whereas the audience really wanted to see this consensus. I think there should even be an Ishq Tamasha part 2. There should in fact be a prequel, as sequels don’t do well in Pakistan.”

The actor also expressed his wish for a Ishq Tamasha Part 2! Well to makers of the drama, take heed as its not a bad idea! He further added,

“What I realized during the launch of Tu Ishq hai and during its promos, was that people really wanted to see Kinza Hashmi and I together. There was a lot of talk on social media. People were even saying so on our profiles. I think people have this catharsis that they want to see these two together.

A lot of people tried to cast us together. Our couple has been a hit on social media. Therefore, the two of us coordinated and tried to do a drama together. It took us 4 months to do so. We signed plenty dramas but the only one which materialized is Tu Ishq Hai. It is currently on air and has garnered a good response.”

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Lastly, we probed the actor to share his feelings about his co-star, Kinza Hashmi.

“Kinza Hashmi is a very good actress. She has a very lovable personality. I have fun working with her. I like her innocence and her child-like behavior.”



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“She is quite younger than I am so there is this baby-like feeling from her on the sets. However, she is a brilliant performer and a sensitive artist. We have developed an on screen chemistry which you will get to see in Tu Ishq Hai.

We are also very good friends off set and are professional acquaintances which allows us to translate our characters to the screen well.”


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