The hotly anticipated The Legend of Maula Jatt starring some of the most adored actors of the industry, Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi was in troubled waters from quite long now. Sarwar Bhatti claimed a violation of his copyrights and since then the two parties have been engaged in a prolonged legal battle.

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A hearing was held today in the Sindh High Court. The verdict has come in The Legend of Maula Jatt’s favor. Epk got in touch with the makers of The Legend of Maula Jatt and we will be revealing all the facts regarding today’s hearing in our video segment later today!

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The Legend of Maula Jatt’s legal counsel revealed to us that court has forbidden Sarwar Bhatti and his sons from defaming the film’s sponsors, film makers or the film on any platform. If the opposing party does not comply, then the makers of the Legend of Maula Jatt will file a contempt application against them.


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