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The versatile Emmad Irfani essayed the role of television’s favorite husband in Cheekh. The dapper hero is yet to be seen in any new project after the drama concluded. The good news is that he is gearing up for his film debut along side the lovely Ghana Ali. The cast also includes Qavi Khan,Rehan Nazim, Faisal Imtiaz, Rabya Kulsoom and Turkish actor Mert Sismanlar .

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The film will be based in 1920 British colonial era. When British rule was at its peak in Sub-continent and Khilafat Movement was started to help Turkish brother and sisters from defying imperial forces. The film is a tribute to unsung heroes of our independence movement and brave Turkish nation. The film will further strengthening relations between Turkey and Pakistan.The film will be released in Pakistan, Turkey and international markets.

Ghana Ali

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We did some digging and we have some exclusive news on the film. As per Epk’s sources the film is titled “Gawah Rehna”. The director and writer of the film is Tahir Mehmood. He is a bureaucrat working in the foreign office, and this will be his first film. The film will go on floors in October 2019 and is scheduled to release by March 2020.

The film sounds very interesting and it seems to have something new to offer.Emmad Irfani is certainly a great choice for this film. We at Epk had suggested a long time ago that Emmad Irfani is a filmy hero. And we wished that we see him in films. It is certainly great news that the actor has now signed this film!

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