Promising upcoming feature film, Dam Mastam stars the much adored and talented actor Imran Ashraf alongside the stunning Amar Khan in lead roles. The Punjabi rom-com revolves around the bubbling romance between a man from Androon Shehr Lahore and a modern day girl. The script of the film has been written by Amar Khan herself.

The team of Dum Mastam, who were previously shooting in the walled city of Lahore, have now been travelling to exotic places in Pakistan for shoot.

In an exclusive conversation with Epk, the leading lady of the film, Amar revealed that they have shot a very important romantic song of the film which will be a cinematic treat!

Exclusive: Team Of Dum Mastam In Walled City For Shoot

“It is a very special fantasy song which has been shot at very exotic and scenic locations all across the 4 provinces of Pakistan. From the beaches of Gwadar and Baluchistan to a very old fort in Azaad Kashmir. Then from Jhelum, Punjab to Karachi.

It is a very romantic, absorbing, soothing and cinematic number composed by Naveed Nashad who has hit songs like Mere Paas Tum Ho and Do Bol to his credits. He will also have a very important and alluring romantic song of this film to his credits now.” She said.

The actress also excitedly shared a picture of the song shot at Gwadar beech.

The lyrics of this song have been written by accomplished writer, Wasi Shah and the song has been choreographed by Nigah Jee, who has previously choreographed many popular songs such as Noori,
Shakar wandaan, Billi, Morey Saiyaan and others.

The song is surely going to be a visual treat and it will be a delight for the audiences to see a romantic song created on such a massive scale!

“The song is an amalgamation of everyone’s hard work. The veterans, director Ehteshamuddin has done a remarkable job, we have the best cinematographer of Pakistan, Salman Razzaq who pulled this off and ofcourse the credit also goes to the producers Adnan Sidiqui and Akhtar Hasnain.” Amar Khan added.

The composer of the song, Naveed Nashad was also all praises for the song. He shared, “This was a tough project, it has been shot all across Pakistan. Imran Ashraf’s performances has been amazing! I have a feeling people will really like this song. It is very different. It is the the theme song of the film. Adnan Siddiqui gave us the freedom to choose our instruments, he didn’t want to bound us. This is a collaborative effort of a lot of musicians, it has been sung by Nabeel Shaukat.”

Dam Mastam is slated for release in 2020. For more updates on this exciting new project, keep an eye out on this space!

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