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The 2018 animated film The Donkey King made strides at local market and it created history by becoming first animated film to hit PKR 100, 150 and 200 million marks in Pakistan. The Donkey King is a historical HIT in Pakistan and last month the film became first Pakistani film ever to release in South Korea. The film had taken a very good initials at the South Korean Box Office.

Extended Weekend Boxoffice Collections Of The Donkey King In Pakistan.

The Donkey King was the first Pakistani film to have been screened in South Korea. Now Epk brings to you exclusive news that The Donkey King is all set to become first Pakistani film to release in Spain. Director Aziz Jidani while talking to Epk revealed the next destination for the International release.

“I am delighted to give you exclusive news that our own Donkey King, after ruling Pakistan and conquering Korea, is set to become Pakistan’s first film EVER to have theatrical release in Spain and Catalonia on Oct 4, 2019.” said Aziz Jindani

The Donkey King Poster in Spanish (left) Catalan (Right)

While the news itself is interesting what is even more impressive is the fact that the efforts being put in to being more inclusive. Aziz Jindani further revealed that the film has been dubbed in three native languages to cater a larger audience!

“The film is dubbed in 3 native languages for mass appeal including Spanish, Catalan and Basque under the title of El Rey Burro (Spanish) and El rei Ruc (Catalan).” said Aziz Jindani.

The distributors will be aiming to release the film in over 50 screens as Aziz Jindani himself confirmed it exclusively to Epk.

“Plan is to have 50+ screens on release day across all key cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Malaga etc.” said Aziz Jindani

Check out the promotional video of The Donkey King for the release in Spain and Catalonia.

List of Boxoffice Records Held By The Donkey King In Pakistan.

Aziz Jindani is becoming a trendsetter when it comes to animated films in Pakistan. After taking Pakistani boxoffice by a storm, he is venturing into new international markets. This is certainly a good initiative for Pakistani cinema as The Donkey King is the first Pakistani film to release in South Korea and Spain. We will keep updating you more on the international release of The Donkey King in coming days.


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