Affan Waheed and Hira Mani in Ghaliti

Affan Waheed has become a household name over the years. Affan is a mature actor who has so much variation to offer that we have seen through his numerous avatars, and he has done them effortlessly. The list of successful dramas under his belt also include Baydardi, Khamoshi, Guzarish and the most recent one that dominated the rating charts and our hearts, Do Bol. We are seeing him in Mein Na Janoo and Bhool simultaneously, yet both are very diverse roles. Bhool is already a major success and is riding high on the rating charts. Mein Na Janoo on the other hand is brand new but has received good feedback.

The actor has a lot going on for him right now. He is currently keeping busy with the shooting of an upcoming drama Ghalti that has his fans excited. Owing to the immense success of Do Bol , fans had been eager to see its dynamic duo back on screen. With Ghalti that is what we are getting and so much more!

We reached out to Affan to find out what Ghalti is all about and his perspective on various things post Do Bol. In an exclusive interview with Epk Affan got candid about the immense success of Do Bol, Ghalti and stardom in general.

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The title Ghalti is giving off sad and dark vibes, what are we in for with this one?

Yes the drama has its fair share of sadness. The drama is about Saad and Zaira, how they go through good seasons and bad season together and individually as well.

Do Bol was a major success and expectations with Ghalti will be high. Do you think it will be as commercial success as Do Bol?

It will be a serious miscarriage of justice to compare the two plays because they are both different. Ghalti is a different story all together. As much as I want it to be a major hit I am totally fine at the same time with it not doing that well. So I am prepared for that because Do Bol does not happen every day to be honest so I am completely fine with it. But yeah obviously I am hopeful as well.

How much do you think your on-screen couple’s popularity will contribute to the success of Ghalti?

I think for starters it would, after that if the story grips the audience then they will watch it or else they may not, you never know. But to begin with that will help a lot.

Why did you chose Ghalti, was it the director, the pairing or the script?

Honestly it was the pairing, then the director and then script.

Who else is in the cast besides Hira?

Besides Hira, there is Saba Hameed,Saba Faisal,Anoushey Abbasi, Sana Askari and Faris.

We are seeing you in two dramas simultaneously right after Do Bol. Do you think appearing in multiple dramas simultaneously helps a star’s stardom?

I have accepted one thing that your career path can never be stable or the same all along. You see highs and lows, so I think it is okay to be consistent, if you face a dip then it is perfectly fine. That is how I am feeling these days. I am trying to accept it and come to terms with it. Some dramas become hit some don’t then you contemplate why you picked those projects. But at times it does help if good dramas are airing, it will obviously help your stardom. Like Mein Na Janoo is a good play, Bhool is also bagging in rating Alhumdulillah and I am very hopeful about Ghalti.

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Ghaliti is being directed by Saba Hamid and will be airing on ARY Digital, the drama is currently being shot. The drama already has a lot of buzz and we hope that we get to see something promising like many of his previous projects!


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