Naveen Waqar, Ali Rehman Khan and Ushna Shah

Epk previously broke the news of an exciting new project starring a compelling star cast of Ali Rehman, Ushna Shah and Naveen Waqar. We are back with more information about this intriguing new project. The drama is being brought to us by the Bandish’s director Aabis Raza, and it will be produced by Big Bang Entertainment.

Ali Rehman, Ushna Shah & Naveen Waqar in an upcoming drama

The serial titled, “Bewafa” has just begun shooting so we reached out the director himself to get some details on the project. The director while chatting with Epk about the project revealed that it will be his first time he is working with these three.

Ali Rehman Khan, Naveen Waqar and Ushna Shah in Bewafa

His previous project Bandish got a lot of appraisal for venturing into a lesser explored territory of horror and managing to execute a well crafted story that was both unique and balanced.

With his new serial we inquired if he is following the same direction or going with the flow and giving us a run of the mill drama?

This is not a run of the mill drama, this is based on a domestic issue, but its craft is slightly different. The focus of the play is on the morale that exist in a family pertaining to the way in which life should be lived to ensure a peaceful life. One can make mistakes which leads to their life becoming miserable. Everything is ultimately in our own hands. The drama will be tapping into a story along these lines.

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What are your expectations from this serial?

We always have high expectations from every serial. From this particular one I have slightly higher hopes as the story is very relatable, its relevance to real life is very close. The drama has great entertainment value and the cast also includes actors that are liked by audiences. When this drama is ready I am hoping that this will be an attractive and glamorous package.

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From what we have gathered the drama seem to be based on moral and ethical dilemmas that the characters will face regarding the life choices they make. The drama will go on air on ARY Digital after Eid. The project has been titled Bewafa, and is written by Radin Shah. Watch out for this one!


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