Ammar Lasani

Gumm stars Sami Khan and Shameen Khan as the leading pair while we will also see Shamoon Abbasi in a pivotal role. The thriller is all set to grace our screens on 11 January.

The film has already met with global recognition. The film saw more than 50 nominations and has won 8 awards in different film festivals. The movie has been awarded the best screen play award and Sami Khan has received the best international actor in a foreign film at Madrid film festival for Gumm.

Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia

As the film’s release date draws near, we interviewed the co-director and writer of the film, Ammar Lasani.  

Ammar Lasani told us that and he and his co-writer/director are graduates of film making. They had international exposure on film making and therefore wanted their film to be internationally acclaimed. The duo chose to target film festivals first as they knew that their work meets international standards.

As per expectations, Gumm was received very well. The film maker told us that the film received several nominations and awards around the globe and has made Pakistan proud. However, the director revealed that Gumm was always meant to see a theatrical release. It is a commercial film and they always wanted to release the film in cinemas.

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The director said, “After the film was globally recognized, we decided it was time for it to reach the masses. For this purpose, we choose PTV as our Media Partners. We wanted a media partner who shares the vision of painting a positive picture of Pakistan and we believe PTV was the best choice”

PTV becomes the official Media Partner of Gumm

He further said, “We went to PTV, and the management was very cooperative and supportive. We were warmly welcomed by Khawar Azhar, Khawar Zaidi, Naqvi sahib, their MD Arshad Khan and the rest. Everyone was very cooperative. We faced no hurdles. They encouraged us and immediately came on board after looking into the formalities.”

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He added, “I really appreciate how PTV understood that Gumm was an important film. Being a state run channel they have never been media partners with a film before and yet they took a bold step. They have done something different. PTV is definitely looking to progress as a channel now.”

The director who is excited for the film’s release said, “I am glad PTV came on board with us. Gumm will be the first film to see worldwide TV premier on PTV. I am hopeful the film will do well and wish it the best.”


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