The stars of Superstar, Bilal Ashraf and Mahira Khan are currently making the rounds promoting their film which is all set to release on Eid ul Azha. Tall, handsome and with that killer dimple, Bilal Ashraf is a film star through and through. His journey from Janaan to Rangreza has led him to Superstar and what the hero has to offer as Sameer Khan is something I personally would like to see.

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Superstar has not only stunned us with its trailer, the music of the film is an instant chart buster. The songs have been beautifully composed by Azaan Sami Khan and he has given a great variety in the all the tracks.

While we were on the subject of music, we asked Bilal Ashraf his favorite track from the film. We also asked him which film’s music was better Janaan or Superstar ?

Janaan’s music was very different but yeah I love Superstar, I think Bekaraan is my favorite track.It is the is the first song we shot and it is the first song that was released.

Whose vocals you liked more, “Sunidhi Chauhan in Noori” or “Shreya Ghoshal in Janaan”.

Sunidhi and Shreya Goshal are both are phenomenal. The way Shreya sung Janaan was beautiful and the way Sunidhi has sung Noori in the best way. Both have done justice to the songs and it is very hard for me to just pick one. I like both.

The most recent music video from Superstar Dharak Bharak features the dapper hero with the stunning Kubra Khan. The hero has worked long and hard on his physique and the abs are a living proof.

Before the song had released we had Bilal over at our studio. The song begins with Bilal making an entry shirtless.When the song came to him he suggested to the team

I wanna go shirtless. Everyone looked at me with this uncertainty! People use social media as a weapon, every person is a film critic, fitness trainer and every person is an expert. There hasn’t been any such song before. But when I told my producer Momina Duraid,she had faith in me. “

Bilal had to build his body for this song , and a lot of work must have gone into this physical transformation. Talking about it he revealed

” This was one year of hard work.It was done naturally, there were no growth hormones, no injections, I was not even on protein shakes. Buhat Papar belnay partay hain( you have you work really hard for it) . When we were shooting for it I was off salt, water, wheat, we had to shoot in the heat for 6 days, my back got burned really bad. But the real reason behind going shirtless was the hope that if I am be able to motivate at least one person then my job is done”

Now that the song is out we reached out to Bilal to find out how the response has been and whether it will be a hit even after the film releases?

Well Dharak Bharak is a song that is inspired by all the “Chichora Songs” out there (he laughed). And this is exactly how it has been received.That is Sameer Khan playing a character in the film, and that was the requirement of the film.So far it has received mixed reviews, but people can relate to it more in terms of the narrative the way it has been done in the film.Hopefully people will enjoy it. It was great working with Kubra, I think she is a fantastic co-star.

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There is more coming from the interview till then we will leave you with the sizzling dance number itself. Check out Dharak Bharak!

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