Awaited upcoming comedy flick Chhalawa has been making rounds on the internet. The festive film is nearing its release on Eid-ul-Fitr and the film’s anticipation is surely building! Super star Mehwish Hayat will be seen in the lead role alongside the dapper Azfar Rehman.

The film’s promos have been a fun ride while the posters have been quite a compelling spectacle. The film’s unusual and amusing title Chhalawa has also garnered attention! The film also stars prominent talented actors Zara Noor Abbas, Asad Siddiqui, Mehmood Aslam, Adnan Shah Tipu and others.

Meet The Arresting Characters of Chhalawa

The film comes from the acclaimed maker of Lahore Se Aagay and Karachi Se Lahore. We caught up with the director and producer of the film, Wajahat Rauf and interviewed him regarding this exciting new film.

What made you decide to release Chhalawa on Eid while your previous films did not release on Eid?

“My first two films were not Eid films. They were for youngsters. They were based on road trips and adventure. So it was a conscious decision not to bring those on Eid. However, Chhalawa is a family film. It is a family comedy and the themes we have discussed in this film will be digested well by families. It’s a celebration based, festive film suited for Eid.”

You were previously considering making the third installment of Karachi Se Lahore instead of Chhalawa. What changed your mind?

Yes i was previous considering the third part of Karachi Se Lahore. The script was sorted, the casting was halfway done, however during the reading sessions, I realized that back to back release of this film may just be repetition. However, I have not cancelled that film either but it has been postponed.

What was your thought process while choosing the lead pair?

I have worked with Azfar Rehman before. I had not worked with Mehwish Hayat but I admired her. So while I was working with them on my web series Enaaya, I really liked their pairing. They are good friends and they have a good chemistry. I liked how they look together. Their looks and their heights match. So I thought I didn’t need to ask anyone. They already looked like a couple. They look like good friends and they look like a romantic couple.

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Chhalawa is a very unique name. How did you decide to name the film Chhalawa?

I wrote about 42 names and it kept increasing to 50 and more. Shiraz Uppal did our title song which was called Chhalawa. So i got intrigued. I knew what it meant but he explained that it refers to a young naughty ghost who is always jumping around. It was an unusual name and I though people will get curious about it. So I asked everyone. The whole cast was present when this name came up and I took an unanimous vote. I asked the whole team and they all voted for Chhalawa.


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