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Abdull Khaaliq Khan’s directorial debut Lafangey began shoot last month. The film is tapping into a new genre which has not been explored much in Lollywood. Lafangey is the first horror comedy for Pakistani cinema. The film features four male leads namely Sami Khan, Mani, Mubeen Gabool and Saleem Meraj. Whereas Nazish Jahangir is making her debut in films with Lafangey as the female lead.

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Abdull Khaaliq Khan has previously written Sajal Aly and Feroze Khan starrer Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai, back in 2016. This time around the writer is in the directors chair as well.

We reached out to the director/writer of Lagangey to get an update on the film.Talking exclusively to Epk he revealed that the film’s shoot has been completed and they have moved on to post production. The pace of shoot is pretty fast talking to Epk the director revealed how they managed this in such short time span,

“I started my film Lafangey back in September under the banner of TH filmworks. So long story short we started our film shoot on 13th September at Shamsi Studios, worked 15 consecutive days for 15 hrs work every day and then shot 8 more days. Today on 20th Oct we wrapped up our film like in 23 days of shoot Alhamdulillah “

The post production is being done in ET studios in Karachi. We further talked to Ehtesham Malik from ET studios about the post production of Lafangey. He has been doing post production for feature films for past four and a half years, and was all praises about the film.

“The film’s editing has been started offline at the moment. What is praise worthy is that it is probably the first film in Pakistan that has been made under a very controlled budget.The post production of Lafangey will be interesting as the horror comedy includes a lot of visual effects that have not been done before in Pakistan. The scenes that include VFX have been directed by me.”

Lafangey is slated for release on Eid ul Fitr, 2020. Watch out this space as we bring more updates on Lafangey soon!


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