Camera has closed on the upcoming period film Gawah Rehna. The film stars Cheekh actor Emmad Irfani, Ghana Ali, Mert Sismanlar, Qavi Khan, Rabya Kulsom. The film has been directed and written by Tahir Mehmood. Talking exclusively to Epk, Tahir Mehmood gave some updates on the film which is now in post production.

“The shoot for the film started on 15 October 2019 and we wrapped up shoot on 5 November 2019. We went in various areas of Punjab as the story is revolving around that area.We have shot in Gujrawala, Sialkot and Lahore. We set up massive sets as we had to create that era which prevailed a century ago! The shoot went very smoothly as we had planned the shoot before hand.”

Emmad Irfani with director Tahir Mehmood

Considering Gawah Rehna is a period film, depiction of infrastructure that existed 100 years ago must have required massive sets and a lot of work to cover up any signs of current modern day infrastructure. Talking about problems on shoot director admitted “We did encounter problems as we had to show a century old era and wherever we went elements of modern day era were apparent like electricity poles, cars etc. However we had a very hard working and talented team on board who managed to counter such problems.”

Ghana Ali on sets of Gawah Rehna
Ghana Ali on sets of Gawah Rehna

Tahir Mehmood also complimented the cast members and their professionalism.”Our shoot required a lot of travelling, we had to go to suburbs everyday and then travel back to the city back and forth. We had done extensive rehearsal before going on shoot so every actor was well prepared and aware of my vision for their characters”

Mert Sismanlar, Qavi Khanm Ghana Ali, Rabya Kulsom,
Mert Sismanlar, Qavi Khanm Ghana Ali, Rabya Kulsom,

Talking about the Turkish actor Mert Sismanlar he praised the actor’s versatility. “He was playing a British and he had to speak Urdu and he did so despite not knowing the language at all. It is an extremely commendable attribute about the actor”

Mert Sismanlar on sets of Gawah Rehna

Gawah Rehna is slated for release in 2020. The director is excited to share the first look and trailer of the film with the audience which will give an idea about what to expect from the film. The film according to him is going to be something fresh for the Pakistani cinema.

Qavi Khan Gawah Rehna
Qavi Khan on sets of Gawah Rehna


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