Meera and Amna Ilyas starrer Baaji has been doing great at the box office and received a lot of praise. Recently actor and comedian Mani while commenting on the movie threw major shade on the actors of the film.

This post was followed by another post explaining his previous post after getting a lot of criticism for it.

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#baji “here is my answer” I went to Saquib Malik’s movie not as a critic, but as a fan of the wonderful work that he had done before it and expected to see more of it. As a fan I was disappointed. There was no hint of his art. No wonderful framing, no detailing, no storytelling. It seemed like the Lollywood formula films of the 90’s that no one remembers. Mohsin Abbas and Ali Kazmi tried their best with no help from the director, and Nayyar Ejaz the veteran performer tried to rescue it with his skills, but to no avail. Meera jee was well…. Meera jee, but she could have been directed to act as well and the new comers were seemingly invisible. The film was headed for the wall and so it crashed. What did Saquib Malik want to show in this movie? Either he didn’t know or he got so lost in it’s direction that he forgot he had to tell a story, not just to add his name to a list of filmmakers. I have worked with Saquib Malik in a couple of commercials, and I have seen and wanted to see his magic. Alas I saw only his name. So he made a movie, and few make an epic on their first attempt. And like many he didn’t make a movie, he made a mistake, but it’s Saquib Malik nevertheless! I’m sure his next one will have, not just his signature but his genius, his brushstrokes and his finesse. As for those who ask what have I done ever, to critique such a big industry name. If they know me, I’m sure that’s why they bothered to complain and those who don’t know me, I wonder why they are bothered. ..Special thanks to google translation..

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We recently had Amna Ilyas in our studio where she addressed this comment. She started off by advising him to “Get a Life”.She went on to saying that she is curious to know who is he talking about. By then she had not seen Mani’s post.

I’m sorry to say but that is a very dumb statement to say. Because first of all if you are criticizing someone (by the way I never criticize anyone), the day I criticize someone I’ll make sure I go all out.If you are criticizing then why so shy and indirect? Three were bad ,three were brilliant . What rubbish!Name us whoever it was.”

Further elaborating her answers she also argued on the fact that he is not in the position to criticize

“I mean who are you? Are you a film critic?Are you a journalist? who are you? I don’t mind criticism by journalist as it is their job, someone has to do it, someone has to rate us,so that is fine,but actors?”

She further went on to question his own work and experience to be the one criticizing them

” And what kind of roles have you done in your life, just tell me that first.Whoever these people are who are commenting what is their standing in the industry? That is my question.This is a very debatable issue but honestly I am very disappointed.”

She was also asked who did she think were the three people to which she ended the discussion on a hilarious note. Find out what the actress had to say here in the podcast!


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