Ghughi and Belapur Ki Dayan famed star Amar Khan has made a name for herself in a very short span of time. Amar was last seen in A-Plus’ Dil-e-Bereham. The gorgeous actress is currently working on a 7 th Sky Entertainment project. She will be seen in a very new role one that the actress claims to have never done before.We caught up with the actress to find out more about the project and what to expect from this never been seen avatar!

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“The drama is basically about two girls of different class and upbringing, and a striking clash. Aagha Ali plays a common love interest .A very sure shot commercial trio story but told in a relatively more spontaneous and engaging way.”

The drama will be airing on Geo TV and the working title of the project is Murgh-i- Ishq Sy Pehlay. The drama also stars Hina Altaf.

” Hina plays Zara who belongs to a poor family having a sad emotional background. The main tiff is between her and my character. “

Talking about her character she explained how the drama and her character is different from the run of the mill characters

“What I love about my character is that we often see those typical bechari women, those tear jerking roles, those typical damsel in distress roles. However I have always tried to avoid doing such roles which are very easy bet. I have tried to do more challenging roles.”

Speaking about her role in the drama she revealed that she plays an uptown, modern girl Alizeh who makes all the calls.

“I play an assertive, confident, strong-headed girl, very educated and has a mind of her own, the sort we can see in our cities.One of the spunk of this character is also that she is a big fashionista, she is very vivacious, exuberant and outspoken.The narrative revolves around her, that she makes the call. She does all the planning, she has this zest for life,she makes sure that whatever she seeks in life she gets that.

What attracted her to this particular character?

This is a very strong willed character and I thought that this will be something new for the audiences. I have never done such a character before.

Directed by Choti Si Zindigi, Chup Raho famed Shaquielle Khan. The drama has been written by Saira Arif. The drama will air on Geo TV.

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