Laal Kabootar

Ahmed Ali Akbar the star of Laal Kabootar is currently keeping busy with the promotions of his upcoming crime thriller. This is going to be one of its kind movie and surely a step into the right direction!

We caught up with Ahmed for a quick chat to find out about the film and share some memories from set!

Ahmed tell us something about your character.

My character is Adeel who is a Karachite. He has big dreams. He wants to leave his life in Karcahi behind move to Dubai, in order to improve his lifestyle. In efforts to do so he finds himself shortcuts and enters Mansha’s life.

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Speaking of Mansha, how was your experience working with her?

It was a lot of fun, rehearsal were much more fun, we didn’t see each other on set as Kamal wanted us to keep separate, since it was the requirement of the film that our characters are complete strangers so we had to be strangers on set too. However now that we are promoting the film together it is a lot of fun, also we are very good friends.

Can you share some funny anecdote during your time on set?

There was a scene in which I had to exit an alley and the film’s set was not spread out till the end. I was carrying a gun, as I exited the alley I heard cut and the scene ended. But when I looked towards the right, all the shopkeepers and people having tea at Dhabas, they saw my gun and my get up, they got up and closed the shutters!

I went back to give another take, they were putting their chair back on the street, as soon as they saw that I am back they picked their stuff up again and closed the shutters.It wasn’t until the third take that they understood that there is some film shoot happening.

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Directed by Kamal Khan and produced by Nehr Ghar, the film will be distributed by Footprint. Laal Kabootar is slated for release on 22 March 2019. Watch out for this one!


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