Affan Waheed has become television’s favorite romantic hero over the years.However the actor has so much more to offer than just a hopeless romantic! Even though his most recent outing Do Bol, which was an intense love story,became immensely popular, now it seems that the actor is taking a different route. We are currently seeing him in Bhool as Awais a coward lover, who left his wife as he did not have the spine to stand up for her.

Affan Waheed to be seen in his first negative role alongside Sanam Jung!

Besides this we will be seeing him in an another project as well .When we last spoke to Affan on Main Na Janoo the project was in its early stages. He revealed how the experience was going as well as the fact that this would be his first negative avatar, and he seemed very hyped about it as well!

Now that the drama’s promos have begun airing, we reached out to him to get some more details about the project. Though romancing on screen has always worked for the star, he will be seen in a negative avatar in his upcoming serial Main Na Janoo.

Talking about Main Na Janoo, Affan revealed:

It’s a triangular love story but the knitting of this story is something that surely won’t make it look run-of-the-mill. The situations among the three of us will be a treat to watch.

Do you feel that Do Bol has labelled you as a romantic hero? Now you are playing a negative role will that affect likeness of your character in the drama?

Not just Do Bol; I have a plethora of romantic characters under my belt. The audience will definitely scorn my character and I’m prepared for that. I had already taken the responsibility of it all before I even signed it. But at the same, it’s just a character and I need to diversify my range as an actor. If it failed to click, I can always resort to playing a hopeless romantic. Although my character in this show is a hopeless romantic and eventually a failed lover hence the psychopathic behavior.

Bhool Ep 5-6: Affan & Saheefa Impressive In Their Avatars

Zahid’s character is shown to be in air force. What is the connection of Air Force to the drama and your characters ?

The drama doesn’t revolve around the air force. It’s just the background of Zahid’s character. Sanam, Zahid and I are cousins. The rest is for you to find out for yourself.

Talking about Sanam, who will be making a comeback in dramas after a long hiatus,and Zahid Ahmed, Affan was all praises for the actors. He revealed :

Sanam Jung and Zahid Ahmed are both very congenial to work with, I had a great experience with them. We managed to develop a nice chemistry. One thing I like about my costars in this play is that they are very efficient with giving cues which I believe is very important. Alhumdulilah every set I get, has costars who are efficient.”

The drama is a joint venture between Adnan Siddique’s Cereal Productions, and MD productions. It is being directed by Furqan Khan. While we have got a glimpse of Sanam and Zahid we are eagerly waiting to see Affan’s promo.


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