Notable singer Abrar Ul Haq revealed some very interesting thoughts which were behind the creation of his new song, “Chamkeeli”. Abrar Ul Haq has long established his own signature Punjabi style which we all absolutely adore.

We recently hosted the distinguished singer on our studios and asked him to share what his inspiration was behind Chamkeeli!

“I didn’t take the inspiration of this song from anywhere else because as you can see there has never been a song made on such a theme in the past! In fact I am shocked that no one ever thought of applying such a concept. No one ever thought of a concept where a girl will take Barat and the boy’s friends will be the ones creating a ruckus.”

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Abrar Ul Haq also credited the people behind the creation of Chamkeeli.

“I wanted to add many more sequences to compliment the concept of Chamkeeli. I wanted to add more “Rasmein” where the boy’s friends would have put “Mehndi/Ubtan” on him and they would have played “Dholak”. There would have also been the Rasam of “Dhood Pilai” However we had a very short time.

Asad Mumtaz Malik was the director of this video and he very skillfully and artfully managed to shoot this video in a total of 8 hours! He did commendable work otherwise we would have gone out of budget. This was already a high budget video and adding more to it might have exceeded our budget too. Especially when you do not have a sponsor or a client and hence no guarantee of getting your money back.

We were also not able to use some of the actors to their full potential. For example the girl’s and boy’s parents were essayed by fine actors including Rashid sahab however we could not give them their due screen time because of shortage of time.”

“Nevertheless, Chamkeeli has been appreciated. This is the first video where I didn’t receive any criticism as I used to be taunted on my previous videos. However, people loved this. ” He added.

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