The Weekend is almost here, and it is about time that we help you get your weekend plans sorted. If you are heading out for some quality entertainment then we know the best way for you to spend your day. Head out to the cinema to catch the latest offerings of film makers at the moment.

While there are no new films coming our way this weekend, lets have a look at the movies that are in cinemas this weekend.

Daniel Craig Injured During Filming of Bond 25

John Wick :Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick is back and the action is better than ever! The film has received raving reviews from critics and smashed the box office as well. Catch Keanu Reeves paint the town red as he runs for his life in this one!


From the makers of Guardians of Galaxy comes a horror film starring Elizabeth Banks. If you are looking for some chilling scares opt for this movie.The film has average reviews as it has 67 % Rotten Tomato.

Detective Pikachu

Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith starrer live action adaption of Pokemon in form of Detective Pikachu is a good mix of comedy and fantasy. The film will keep you engaged throughout the movie with its witty comedy and colorful visuals. The movie can be enjoyed by both adults and children. 

Avengers Endgame

The second last Marvel Cinematic Universe film Avenger Endgame, assembles the Avengers for one last time. Catch the final showdown if you still haven’t as this movie is one that cannot be missed!

The Ellen Show Is Here To Stay!

So which movie are you heading out for this Weekend?

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