epk movie guide movies releasing on 8 november 2019

This weekend we will see the release of two Hollywood films however both will be taking a soft start at the boxoffice. Meanwhile, holdover Hollywood releases will continue to dominate. Local holdover releases have almost faded at the boxoffice.

Lets have a look all the films screening in cinemas across Pakistan this weekend!

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Movies Releasing This Week

1. Doctor Sleep

Ewan McGregor and Rebecca Ferguson starrer Doctor Sleep will be the first new release this Week. Doctor Sleep is directed by Mike Flangan and its a fantasy horror based on Stephen King’s book, which is a sequel of 1977’s book “The Shinning”. The film currently hold a very 73% score on Rotten Tomatoes. If you are a fan of The Shinning or in for horror chills this Weekend then Doctor Sleep is a perfect movie for you.

2. Midway

Ed Skrien, Patrick Wilson starrer Midway is a historical drama based on the battle of Midway in World War II. The film is directed by Roland Emmerich who is the man behind super hit like Independence Day and critically acclaimed “The Day After Tomorrow”. If you are rooting for a war drama genre then go for Midway this weekend.

Holdover Releases….

Other than the new releases coming out this weekend, here are some holdover releases that may interest you as well.

1. Terminator: Dark Fate

The sixth installment in the popular 80s franchise Terminator: Dark Fate bombed at the North American boxoffice last weekend but the film did quite well in Pakistan. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton and if you are a Terminator fan then you should catch the film this Weekend.

2. Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil

Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent enters its 4th week this Weekend and the film is doing pretty well at the boxoffice becoming a success. Even though the film couldn’t meet the critics expectations but if you are a fan of Maleficent franchise or looking for some fantasy drama then Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil is the right choice this weekend.

3. Joker

Joaquin Phoenix starrer Joker is the blockbuster of the season. The film got fantastic reviews from critics and the response from cine goers is even better. The psychological thriller crossed $300m at domestic market last week and is 8th highest grossing R rated film of all time in North America. If you haven’t seen the film yet then catch it at the cinemas this weekend because its a must watch.

4. Kaaf Kangana

Khalil Qamar directed Kaaf Kangana has been met with a very disappointing response at the box office and the response of cine goers is not good either. Thanks to no potential release this weekend, the film is still playing at few shows.

Which movie will you be heading out for?

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