Epk has been running a campaign against the unlawful screening of Pakistani films by local cable operators. After Supreme Court banned all Indian content including films on Pakistani channels and cables, local cable operators resorted to unauthorized screening of Pakistani films.

Epk called out prominent cable operators who have been indulged in piracy. We exposed multinational cable operator Wateen as an offender.

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We stood by the Pakistani film producers who were being deprived of their intellectual and creative rights. We stood by acclaimed film makers Saadia Jabbar, Wajahat Rauf, Hassan Zia and Humayun Saeed whose intellectual rights have been violated. We also shared their comments with you.

Comments of Humayun Saeed, Saadia Jabbar and Kamran Ejaz:

We went on to probe Pakistan Film Producers Association about what they have been doing for the safeguard of their member’s rights. We previously shared Kamran Ejaz, the general secretary of Pakistan Film Producers Association’s comment on the matter. Epk has been urging all producers to take collective action.

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We are pleased to announce that Pemra has officially issued a letter warning cable operators not to screen unauthorized Pakistani films. It states that if cable operators want to screen Pakistani films, they need to acquire legal copyrights.

As the film making infrastructure revives in Pakistan, we should raise our voice against any practice that poses a threat to the cinema going culture. We are all united for the protection of the art of film making and creative rights in our country. Epk considers this victory a stepping stone towards fostering a reviving cinema industry.

Following our campaign, a lot of producers also started to address piracy. They spoke against the unauthorized use of Pakistani films in local clubs. We also condemn unauthorized use of Pakistani films in local clubs
especially in cantonment. We will continue to raise our voice against this and request authorities to also take an action against this.


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