Critic Rating

Written By:  Muhammad Younis Butt

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi (7th Sky Productions)


This mega episode was full of surprises! On one hand Romeo (Feroz Khan) and Shanzay try really hard to convince their parents to cancel their Nikkah ceremony, but fail to do so. On the other hand Jaidi (Ali Safina) is all excited about his marriage with Heer (Sana Javed) and pushes his mother to fix a date for the nikkah ceremony. It seems like Heer’s sister, Sonia is no more a supporting sister, since she has become very excited for the marriage of Heer and Jaidi.



Jaidi and her mother reach Heer’s home to fix the date, Heer’s family happily agrees on the date of Nikkah. Not to my surprise, Nazar is very fond of Jaidi and his mother because they are always busy in pleasing him and give him utmost importance. Nazar also receives tons of gifts from his father-in-law and Jaidi. He keeps on saying his pet line, to remind everyone of his importance. Do I need to remind you of his about hit all-time favorite line? ‘After all mein damad hun’.

Simultaneously, Romeo realizes his love for Heer and coins an out of the box idea to get rid of Jaidi. Heer’s friends tell jaidi that she is suffering from Hepatitis, Kidney failure and multiple contagious diseases and would be dead in a few months time.  This leads to the Arab cultured guy, Jaidi developing dislike towards Heer.



The witty acting of Heer and her friends (Chashmatu and Buble) boosted the impact of the drama. While Nazar (Syed Shafat Ali) and Jaidi kept on bragging during their meeting, the audience kept laughing hard. The duo is one of its kind.

Nazar’s seasoned acting and exceptional facial expressions kept the audience engrossed throughout the drama. Where as, Jaidi’s halfwit character, fascinates viewers of all ages. Elephant’s guest appearances created a hilarious moment. Romeo has actually started acting like Ranjha of the famous folklore.


Heer’s sister (Sonia baji) has joined hands with Aflatoon (Ali Rizvi) in teasing Nazar.

The satirical role play of Rolly Baji (Romeo’s phupo) gives laughing fits to the audience. The drama has taken a turn, the storyline has become interesting and intriguing as compared to the previous episode.

This episode included more locations than usual, such as the beach! The cinematography and lighting were on point.

It would be even amazing if Romeo’s role would be given more emphasis, since he is one of the protagonists. We are in absolute awe of his childlike expressions and acting skills.


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