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Written By: Muhammad Younis Butt

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi (7th Sky Productions)

The double Episode of Romeo Weds Heer was entirely based on saving Heer (Sana Javed)’s life, who met an accident and had to undergo a major surgery. While the hospital management and Heer’s family failed to arrange the recommended doctor, Romeo (Feroz Khan) – becomes her secret guardian angel.



This episode opened with an intense situation where Hakeem Sahab ( Firdous Jamal) discovers that Heer is lying unconscious in a hospital. The family rushes to the hospital and the nurse informs them that only one of the family member would be allowed to visit the patient. That very moment, the respect seeker Ghar damad, I mean Nazar ( Shafat Ali) begins his comedy! This situation showed us how funny Nazar is as he turned a serious situation into a hilarious one for the viewers. Simultaneously, he showered blessings on Heer and assured her that she would be absolutely fine.

This episode impressed the audience because it depicted that no matter what, family members in Pakistan become each other’s backbone in moments of distress while a few do throw tantrums if they aren’t given enough importance.

Next, Chasmatu and Bubble make an appeal to the students in their university to pray for Heer. Everyone becomes deeply concered for Heer.



The plot was not as intriguing as the previous ones. Also the situation quite dragged.

The female characters were generally in a serious mood whereas the male characters were more in a comical mode.

When the doctor informs them the operation has been the successful, Nazar and Jaidi (Ali Safina) start bragging in order to gain credit for arranging the doctor. The duo create the base for laughter. Jaidi might be the next, mein damad hun, kind of a respect seeker.

Romeo’s facial expressions were that of a tensed school goer when he learned about Heer’s situation. Later on his face lits up with contentment and he becomes his annoying self again. The versatile actor deserves an applause. He is definitely a good actor.

Romeo’s parents have an argument about Romeo’s marriage. His father ( Dr. Shahbaz)  wants to marry him off to a girl in his relatives. But his mother, (Sanam Ansari) a showoff, has a different opinion. The two have a conversation with reaches a conclusion. Sanam Ansari has given very artificial expressions and fails to establish a natural aura.

A new character of Rolly, Romeo’s Aunt has been introduced. Another comical actor who tries to make the audience laugh by being a cry baby. She also has a funny, exaggerated tea addiction.

Heer wakes up with a bang and describes how she was hit by a car and lost her shoes. Right when Romeo visits Heer, the doctor enter and breaks the news that Romeo was the one who convinced Dr. Zaigham to treat her. She continues her seasoned acting with same zeal and enthusiasm as the drama moved ahead. She feels like a celebrity when at University everyone pays more heed to her than usual.



Nazar, Jaidi and Aflatoon ( Ali Rizvi) are the brats of the show! Where as Hakeem Sahab is the only wise man in the entire drama.

The cinematography and dialogues were impressive and fitting to a comical drama.

Well, the double episode ended on the mystery that who would Romeo marry? Can u guess what might happen next Sunday?


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