Do Bol

Badar’s doubt turns into assurance as he picks up Sameer’s call. Geeti once again tells him off and even intends to reveal the truth to Badar but doesn’t get a chance to do so.

Badar catches Jamsheed with another girl and tells his family, however Rania is still blinded by his love. Her character is ridiculous and extremely naive. In fact upon her insistence and Jamsheed’s wrong intention, his mother asks Rania’s hand in marriage.

We had hope that by the end of the drama some characters like Zafar would have evolved for the better, but no character has witnessed any change except Geeti’s who became more accepting and down to earth.

Hira Mani in Do Bol

The story of the drama has pretty much remained one dimensional and even the conflict remained the same. While there is nothing wrong with that, we had hope that there may have been some developments but Sameer’s desperate efforts are repetitive making it very monotonous.

The strongest trait that the drama possess is its dialogues that are so well crafted that they made the drama worth while. In this episode however, not much stood out dialogue wise either.

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed in Do Bol

This was the drama’s second last episode, yet the the story is headed in a direction full of misery. Matters have been made worse rather than getting fixed. Badar’s resolve to find answer is the first positive step in the entire episode.

Lets see how the story wraps up.


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