Do Bol

Once again the story did not see much progression. On one end Badar and Gaiti have accepted each other, on the other hand Iqbal finally forgives Gaiti. Their reunion is heartening, however the incessant crying is getting a bit annoying now.

Ep23,24: Gaiti Finally Admits Her Love For Badar!

Badar’s cousin Jamsheed had caught Gaiti and Sameer meeting, so her blackmails Gaiti. When she doesn’t cave he shows the pictures to Badar. Badar hits someone with his car and ends up in jail.

Affan Waheed and Hira Mani in DO Bol

Sameer is having trouble moving on and Gaiti’s aunt’s intervention is making things worse. Their inclusion in the drama is getting irritating and rather unnecessary.

There was a lot of repetition especially Sameer’s scenes where he is pining over Gaiti. Badar’s sister Rania is another unpleasant character in the serial and her continuous misbehavior and yelling spoils the mood.

Hira Mani in Do Bol

The only main event of entire episode was that a doubt has been seeded in Badar’s mind regarding Gaiti and looks like she will have to prove her dedication to him once again. Roles have reversed and now it is her on trail.

Top 5 Dramas Of The Week: Do Bol Ruling As It Nears Its Conclusion

While all the actors have performed on par, most of the characters have not seen any development throughout the drama which is rather unfortunate and especially now that the drama is nearing it end we had hoped that they would have branched out.

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