Do Bol

Last night’s episode was rather slow with no major developments in the story or characters. With Gaiti back it is not all merry, instead Badar is finding it hard to make peace with the fact that she once loved Sameer and probably still does.

Ep 19,20: Reunion, Acceptance & Revelations in Do Bol

Gaiti is dwelling in her pain of losing her mother, Iqbal is having trouble forgiving her even though he has accepted Badar. On the other hand Zafar gets back and his mother is left embarrassed after finding out the truth.

The one character at loss yet at the same time also annoying is Sameer who just doesn’t know when to give up. He uses lame tactics to get Gaiti to meet him. The way he has handled the situation is terrible, and he needs to realize that it is time to back out as Gaiti is married and not willing to leave her husband, so he should respect that.

So far Badar was the one given extremely deep dialogues, in this episode we saw Gaiti deliver some meaningful dialogues as well, especially when she tells Sameer off.

Some scenes in the episode seemed unnecessary and they were only there to complete the length of the episode. The most satisfactory part of the episode was when Gaiti accepts Badar fully. But those few moments of bliss were soon ruined by Gaiti’s aunt who calls Badar to warns him to watch out for Sameer and Gaiti who might slip.

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It is an ideal time to write off Sameer as his character is just putting a damper on the whole drama and becoming rather galling. However it seems that he is the only conflict that the makers intend to use to the maximum.

All in all, the audience have been given two relatable characters in form of Badar and Gaiti and this is probably what makes Do Bol likable among the mass audience. The scenes of the drama are beautifully shot, allowing the audience to completely follow the scene and enjoy it.

With the drama heading towards its conclusion we do hope that things get a whole lot less grimmer and headed towards a happy ending.

What did you think of the episode?


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