Kam Zarf has been portraying the psychological impact one’s deprived life tends to have on one’s better judgment. Aima is a bittersweet character who has grown resentful and cantankerous due to her circumstances. She raises her siblings all by herself and seeing them happily married, makes her feel alone. Aima marries her love interest from her childhood in a haste to complete her life.

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Aima’s character is generally portrayed villainous as she continues to undermine her brothers’ wives and dominate her brothers. In an interesting and fast paced episode of Kam Zarf, Aima meets with her fate. The episode begins with a cat fight between Aima and Nabeel’s first wife and Nabeel’s obvious preference towards his first wife leaves Aima dejected.

Nadia Khan

Nabeel blatantly reveals his true colors to Aima and her family. The episode unfolded a series of events depicting the pain and the hurt Aima’s character goes through while her family tries to console her. Aima instantly doubts and rejects their efforts and is adamant on taking legal action against Nabeel. Unable to do so as she has no evidence against him, she goes to yell and harass Nabeel and later resorts to curses.

Nadia Khan’s character keeps Kam Zarf Crisp!

Aima is left helpless for now and her condition makes the audiences feel for her. One hopes that Aima’s character will finally redeem after this incident however so far Aima is not showing any such signs. Nadia Khan as Aima has done a great job. Her portrayal keeps the audiences hooked. The way she depicts Aima’s wrath and pain is praiseworthy.

Rabab Hashim and Junaid Khan

The rest of the characters are playing shorter roles in comparison as these episodes mainly revolve around Aima. Nevertheless Junaid Khan is also impressing us with his acting. In the role of the elder and more sensible brother, he portrays Azhar’s calm and understanding nature well. His character is one of the most likable characters along with Rabab Hashim’s character as his wife. However, Fozia’s amicable nature is too good to be true.

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Mariam Nafees and Ali Ansari

On the other hand, Asim and Faria are more realistic as they tend to get agitated with Aima’s behavior every now and then. The younger couple is neither too nice nor are they bad people. Their couple is refreshing and more believable. The two actors, Mariam Nafees and Ali Ansari give convincing performances and help keep the drama afloat.

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