Do Bol's OST: Love, Heartbreak, Betrayal & Strong Bond of Marriage

The overall theme of yesterday’s episode was sad and heartbreaking, however it did bring out some positive changes in the story as well. Affan Waheed and Hira Mani continue to impress us with their avatars and the supporting cast is very strong as well.

Ep 19,20: Reunion, Acceptance & Revelations in Do Bol

We finally found out how Gaiti really feels about getting a divorce from Badar,as she regrets her mother sending divorce papers. We have seen some character development as well especially in Gaiti’s father Iqbal who is engulfed in guilt for the way he treated Gaiti. He is finally seeing things through and Badar is back in his good book which is certainly a good sign. He was definitely the highlight of the episode.

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed in Do Bol

In an intense and blunt exchange between Iqbal and Jahanara, some light was shed on the past as well. We finally found out Iqbal’s lack of trust was the reason behind their divorce.

Yesterday’s episode reunited many character and the most important reunion of course was Badar and Gaiti’s following the demise of Jahanara. The timing of Badar’s arrival was on point and he once again was the knight in shinning armor for Gaiti.

Sameer is once again left empty handed which is very sad. He has become a casualty in all this situation and we hope that the story ends on a happy note for him.

Badar brings Gaiti back home where she isn’t welcomed well however upon finding out about her mother’s death,her mother in law sympathizes with her. It looks like the drama is tying up loose ends.

Dolly Darling’s Comical BTS prove that we are in for a laughing riot!

Hira Mani and Affan Waheed in Do Bol

We have yet to see Iqbal hold Zafar accountable and we sure hope he gets what he deserves. With Gaiti back there is not much left in the serial. It will be interesting to see what the story holds in store for us. The pace of the drama has been great, without the story being dragged or exaggerated much. We do hope that this pace is maintained, now that this drama is coming towards an end.


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