We had yet another soft and lovely episode of Do Bol. While we do wish that they dial down the crying, the story is going in a good direction!

Gaiti is struggling for acceptance and is feeling unwanted and out of place as a result of her step-father’s cold attitude. Jahanara sends Badar “Khula” notice without informing Gaiti and Badar is devastated upon receiving it.

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Zafar and his mother have turned out to be the ultimate antagonists of the drama. While his mother attempts to poke her nose in everything at home, Zafar is stealing from his uncle Iqbal at work. Iqbal however has caught wind of the irregularity of the transactions at work and starts suspecting Zafar.

Cast of Do Bol

Badar’s father’s demise allows Iqbal to develop a soft corner for him again as he goes to his funeral. Zafar realizing Iqbal is on to him fleas the country before he gets caught. Iqbal later on gets confirmation that Zafar was the culprit behind it all. Worried about work problems, he is suggested by an old employee to bring back Badar. Badar is reluctant but complies to their wish.

Sameer in Do Bol

All the while Sameer is determined to get Gaiti back. Jahanara also wants them to reunite. However their reunion does not reap any fruit as Gaiti is angry with Sameer. Sameer unfortunately has become the character at loss always and you cannot help but sympathize with him. The episode further highlighted Jahanara being seriously ill as her husband is concerned about her health.

Gaiti’s reaction upon finding out that her mother has sent the Khula notice to Badar is a clear indication that she does not entirely want to go through with it. Another sweet moment of the episode was when Gaiti is upset as she is missing her step mother. The drama has shown such a positive image of step mother which is often stereotyped as evil and mean.

Nafeesa and Gaiti in Do Bol

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Overall the double episode was evenly spread out amongst the various characters of the drama. It is commendable that the focus is not solely on the two main leads and that makes the drama have a well proportioned narrative. The story is simple yet relatable making this drama very heartening to watch.


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