The writer Samira Fazal’s drama serial Anaa is getting more and more interesting. Anaa is not your typical run of the mill drama. This serial surely has an distinguishable story that progresses with a good pace. Complimented by the acting prowess of Hania Amir, Naimal Khawar, Shehzad Sheikh, Usman Mukhtar and the senior characters, Anaa has been delightful.

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Last night’s episode of Anaa unfolded more chaos as Areesh essayed by Shehzad Sheikh unleashes his wrath on Daneen’s husband. Alongside this Izza and Altamash form the lighter side of the drama. Their chemistry and pairing has been lovable from the beginning. Izza continues to ward off Altamash’s advances towards her, under the misconception that he is an arrogant man who does not actually have feelings for her.

Altamash and Izza’s story arc is being built up slowly. Their relationship is believable because of how much time is being invested into making them realize their feelings for each other. We are especially loving the budding romance between these two.

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In comparison, Areesh and Daneen are in love. They still have feelings for each other and continue to meet even after their marriage to their respective partners. Amidst this, perhaps its Aania who has suffered the most. Although Areesh’s behavior towards her has improved now because of Daneen however it is still unfortunate on her part that Areesh will never truly be hers.

Shamil Khan as Ghazanfar is highly believable. Shamil Khan does justice to Ghazanfar’s authoritative figure. The character is still adamant about getting his daughter married with Altamash while he also send sweets to Nazia’s house upon hearing that she and her husband are living separately. The man continues to be shallow and petty while Nazia has also become adamant about teaching Sherghar a lesson. It appears Ghazanfar and Nazia’s fight will not end easily.

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Everyone seems to be putting their best in the drama. Overall, Anaa’s direction, cast and cinematography are wonderful. The highlight of this episode are surely the younger actors Naimal Khawar and Usman Mukhtar who are impressing us with their amazing chemistry and acting prowess.


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