Avengers: Endgame has been running a riot at the advance ticket counters in Pakistan. The film’s advance booking has been exceptionally good as such an advance booking has never been registered before in Pakistan. Film’s advance has broken records at every multiplex while there are still 3 days left in the release of this film.

Film’s advance sales for the Weekend have gone well beyond the 3 crore PKR mark while it must be noted that there are still three days to go. What’s more is that the film has secured more advance on its first day which would mean that the walk in customer on day one will have to buy tickets for the second and third day. This would allow the film full occupancies for the first few days. The film’s advance is surely looking to touch new heights in the coming days!

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The film’s advance sales have already made a record in Pakistan and by the time the film releases there are very bright chances that advance sales will cruise past 5 crore mark, making it the first film to hit 5 crore mark in advance sales.

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Film is looking certain to break the opening day records of Sultan however the question remains, by what margin will Endgame take the lead from Sultan? If mass circuits come on board then we will see an opening day which has neither been seen or even imagined before! If mass pockets register big numbers then the opening day will reach to such heights that the film’s records will remain undisputed for a long time.

Avengers: Endgame Breaks 7 Years Old Record Of The Dark Knight Rises In Pakistan.


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