The first ever Pakistani web series “Enaaya” was launched yesterday on an Indian streaming portal, Eros Now. Written and directed by Wajahat Rauf, the series stars Mehwish Hayat, Azfar Rehman, Rabab Hashim, Asad Siddique and Faryal Mehmood. Considering the ensemble cast and director combination we were excited to see what the series had to offer, so naturally watching the first episode was a must!

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The first episode just introduced the characters and nothing major happened during the 23 minutes. The story revolves around Enaaya(Mehwish Hayat) who comes from a broken home and aspires to be a singer. On one hand Jimmy (Azfar) and Rasik (Asad) are part of a band. They lose their lead vocalist in pointless fight. On the other Enaaya is reminded of an old off putting bitter memory that spoils her mood. As she is pacing around campus, she finds herself inside the auditorium around the band set up. Seeing that no one is around she picks up the guitar and sings her heart out only to end up to an awestruck audience.

Mehwish Hayat as Enaaya

Special mention to the director as the episode has a peculiar beauty to it, the picture quality and vibrant colors are pleasing to look at. The shots, camera angles, movements are meticulous all adding on to good viewer experience.

Mehwish’s single Zindigi was indeed a breath of fresh air. The song’s lyrics written by Adnan Dhool are meaningful. The vocals have been lent by Mehwish herself. The music is very upbeat and beautifully composed by Adnan Dhol and Soch Band. Also Faryal’s mean girl avatar was on point however lets hope they don’t take it too far.

There is no doubt that acting is on point,yet Enaaya falls short of expectation.The story is pretty basic and gives off been there done that vibes. The cast, while comprises of all refined actors, fails to sell the college student avatar. The series would have been better off with a younger cast. We also witness the liberal use of foul language towards the end of the episode which doesn’t help score points with the audience either.

The target audience is youth so here is to hoping that the following episodes of the series have more than meets the eye.

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While we have seen dramas with such strong and different content, we were not wrong in expecting something out of the box when industry was stepping foot into the web series sphere. What is commendable is the fact that somebody has finally taken this step and ventured into the web series forum. This is a step in the right direction and hopefully more will follow soon!


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