Cheekh is one of its kind and unique drama being aired on ARY Digital right now. Brilliantly directed and crafted by Badar Mehmood, Cheekh is edge of a seat thriller. Drama raises major social issues in an excellent and extremely effective way.

Cheekh vs Ranjha Ranjha Kardi: The Battle Of Content

All the major characters have done an amazing job. Latest Episode aired last night and it was as brilliant as the previous episodes. Saba Qamar as Mannat was calm like always but its the last scene of the episode which stood out the most. From last couple of episodes we have been seeing face off between Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan) and Shayan (Emmad Irfani). These scenes are amazingly written and well executed.

In the last scene of Episode 16, we saw another face off between the three brothers, i.e. Wajih, Yawar (Aijaz Aslam) and Shayan. The scene comprised of strong dialogues and raised serious questions on wrong norms of the society. The calmness and anger of Emmad in the scene was mind blowing. He openly told Wajih and Yawar that he would do anything for the betterment of society and justice. At the same time, the wittiness of Yawar along with support for injustice blended with worrisome for his brother Shayan was shown brilliantly. The way Wajih is delivering his dialogues is just mind boggling. His body language and innocence in this scene was phenomenal like always.

Will Wajih Kill Mannat Too In Cheekh?

Before this scene we had impression that Shayan is a perfect husband who is supporting the case of Nayaab (Ushna Shah) for his wife’s sake. But this scene gave a clear indication that he is a man of just and he would always stand by the truth. He tells Yawar that he has mishandled the whole case and he would have handled it differently and effectively. This gave us impression that Shayaan would be a big brother who can handle matters.

The characterization in this serial is one of the best for any drama in recent times. The way Emmad Irfani has portrayed himself as Shayaan makes him a perfect husband and brother.


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