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This Sunday night saw the airing of the third episode of the highly anticipated drama Ehd-e-Wafa which may not have won our love initially but now has left us hooked to it completely.

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Why the sudden change of heart? Well simply because this week the story had a lot of depth in it as the dialogues were realistic and executed in such a way that as an audience one immediately felt a connection with every word being said especially in the scene where Saad played by Ahad Raza Mir is seen getting scolded by his father in a stern yet subtle way which made us sit upright and realize how true each word of his really was. Ahad’s performance in that scene made us realize what a fantastic actor he really is. To do an emotional scene which leaves an impact is not an easy task, he pulls it off as he is so involved in his character. One can’t help but praise this quality of his which makes the young star stand in a league of his own.

Written by Mustafa Afridi , this is the scene we fell in love with as it saw director Saife Hassan capture the feeling of a young boy who is scared of his father beautifully within those few minutes .The way his nervousness is caught through the lens made the scene unforgettable. Especially when during the intense talk tears began to fall from Saad’s eyes.

Now another actor who stole our heart this week was Wahaj Ali who plays Shariq. He breathed life into the shot where he is getting beaten up by his elder sister with a slipper. So why did we like this scene, well because it showed simplicity and the emotions between two siblings in a realistic manner. With Ehd-e-Wafa it feels that he has matured as from his dialogue delivery to facial expressions everything is on point making us look forward to getting to know Shariq a lot better in the coming weeks. 

Ahad and Wahaj’s characters, besides showing the fun side of their characters, they also essayed another shade of their personality. Shazain (Osman Khalid Butt ) and Sheheryar  (Ahmed Ali Akbar) proved that they are not a duo to rely on especially in a crisis. This episode gave us the hint that the drama will be a personal journey of these four male characters.

Ehd-e-Wafa besides the four male characters,also stars Zara Noor Abbas as Rani but this week we didn’t really see the point of including her as her scene looked more forced in rather than going with the flow of the story , not to mention the fact that she seemed to be doing a lot of over acting which was annoying at times. Despite Alizeh Shah shown in few scenes, the young actress stood her ground. Osman and Ahmed also add spark to the drama with their witty personality.

So will Saad get his act together is what we can’t wait to see next week as the promo suggested that the SSG is about to face a dilemma amongst each other soon.

With us loving the pace of Ehd-e-Wafa now, the drama is a wonderful addition to the otherwise run of the mill story lines and an ideal watch especially after a tiring day.      

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