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Multi starrer Ehd e Wafa’s second Episode aired this Sunday. After a bit of a sloppy start in the first episode, the serial got better this Sunday. The episode had better pacing and interesting turn of events.

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The whole episode focused on the bond of the four cadets getting stronger and the way director Saife Hassan unfolded the small turn of events in this episode was quite good. The lives of Cadets has been depicted very accurately in the entire episode. In comparison to the first episode, the events of the second episode were more convincing and realistic. The hostel bunking shown in this episode seemed realistic and the performances by the whole gang were very good.

The episode was funny, relatable and we enjoyed the four friend’s leg pulling. The writer Mustafa Afridi has done commendable job with the dialogues which created a good flow during those mischievous incidents.

Best moment of the whole episode was the bunking scene,which was also the first interaction between Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) and Dua (Alizey Shah). Ahad’s love struck expressions were exceptional. Shahzain’s (Osman) bucking up his buddy and Shariq’s (Wahaj) worry was extremely heartening. Saife Hassan pulled off all these things from one scene alone.

In this episode all four boys seemed well in sync with each other as well as their characters as well. The principal on the other hand is disappointing and his scenes are a put off. Warden Firdous’s performance was fine.

The drama maintained a good, entertaining note throughout the episode. The mischief that the SSGs pulled off and the dumb luck with which they always get away was fun to watch. Having said that one cannot help but notice the carelessness on the part of the makers while making the drama in the backdrop of Cadet college. Firstly the cadets shown in the drama are around 18 year old, however the leading ensemble look nothing near the age. No work or effort has been put in to make them look the part including the haircuts. Also Zara Noor Abbas’s scene didn’t gel with the whole Episode and it looked very irrelevant. Zara’s depiction of a bubbly Rani on the other hand is entertaining!

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Overall, after a slipshod start in the first Episode, Ehd E Wafa seems to be getting on track.It is light & funny, with some details overlooked! Overall it is a drama worth a watch. The episode had all the elements of entertainment and stands out from the regular content being flowed daily on the television screens.

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