Written by: Mustafa Afridi

Directed by: Saife Hassan

Produced by: Momina Duraid Production

This episode once again proved that Ehd e Wafa’s creators know just how to keep our interest piqued in the drama! With a well-balanced and varied episode, Ehd e Wafa is truly improving with each passing episode. This week wasn’t just focused on Saad, and instead we finally got to see the way Shehryar has worked for his future and is finally reaping the benefits of all his hard work. There was also increasing dissent between the group due to Shahzain and the absence of Saad, who is posted to Waziristan for quite a while. Overall, the sequences of this episode worked really well together and provided a solid episode for the audience!

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While Ahad Raza Mir has managed to be an excellent lead actor for the series and has given one of the best performances that have really suited the actor, Ahmed Ali Akbar truly took the spotlight for this episode! Hopefully Shehryar continues to be more in the spotlight in future episodes because Ahmed Ali Akbar is actually pretty talented once given the screen time! Osman Khalid Butt has also proven himself adept at playing the grey character, and he has given Shahzain a lot more depth than before. And last but certainly not the least, Alizeh Shah’s Dua is continuously a pleasure to watch and one of the favorite characters on the show.

The unbalanced script had been something everyone felt was the only gaping flaw in the entire series, but this episode has done more than enough to rectify that flaw for now. While all the storylines are interesting in their own right, Shehryar and Shariq had always been underrated characters and seemed like supporting characters since the past few episodes. On the other hand, Saad and Shahzain’s entire storyline seemed stretched out entirely too much. Be that as it may, we are beginning to see a more balanced approach to all these characters and this episode was a good example of how each character should be treated. Mustafa Afridi has done a great job with the dialogues that are heartfelt and impactful and we hope to see further improvement as we go forward.

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The entire cast and crew working on Ehd e Wafa have truly done a wonderful job and their hard work deserves to commended overall! It is really nice that a drama focuses not on the typical housewife melodrama but instead something the younger generation can relate to, and use as a positive influence for the future. Characters like Saad are a good role model to follow and these types of stories should be promoted more than the tired out tropes we see on screen every day. Kudos to Saife Hassan for directing and bringing to our screens something that is actually fun to watch and has a good underlying meaning to it. We hope that the drama continues showcasing driven young people pursuing their careers with passion and the story remains as balanced as it was this episode.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Ehd e Wafa?

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