Written by: Mustafa Afridi

Directed by: Saife Hassan

Produced by: Momina Duraid Production

This week’s episode of Ehd e Wafa was much more light-hearted and fun compared to the previous episode and so was much more of a joy to watch! It gave a much needed breath of fresh air to the audience. Rani (Zara Noor Abbas) and Gulzar won the hearts of the audience with their funny antics and witty dialogue! Plot-wise, there were a few developments: the preparations for Shahzain’s (Osman Khalid Butt) wedding are underway but he is still troubled by the unexpected way he had left Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) last episode.

On the other hand, Saad is busy with tough training but his friendship with his fellow platoon members deepens so not everything seems dark. Lastly, Dua’s (Alizeh Shah) parents are hiding a secret from her that could potentially rock her life, but for now it is all shrouded in mystery!

While this felt more like a filler episode, it did a great job establishing the personality of Saad’s character well, and provided a much needed break from all the drama and conflict of previous few episodes. Ahad Raza Mir took this opportunity to showcase the range of his acting abilities and also expand the depth of his character. I do wish Shahriq and Shehryar had been shown more this episode but it was a good idea on the part of Mustafa Afridi to divide the episodes equally among the different friends in order to give them the spotlight equally.

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Acting wise, this episode was won over by Zara Noor Abbas, hands down! She has from the beginning owned this role really well, seeming almost natural at it. Her and the character of Gulzar are quickly becoming fan favorites and the highlight of each episode!

Once again, Mustafa Afridi should be commended for the way he has constructed each episode so carefully so each character gets enough time on-screen without making it tiresome. The dialogue isn’t too dramatic and equal times fun and serious when it is needed to be. Accompanying the adept writing is the direction, specially of this episode which I enjoyed a lot. With a lot of aerial shots that showed beautiful scenery as well as well-composed close ups, Saife Hassan has a good balance and a distinguishable style as well. The episode ended up being smooth and fun to watch overall!

Plot-wise, it was a good idea to include this light-hearted episode but the addition of some serious moments to bring it all back to earth made the episode well-rounded. The revelation regarding Dua’s life will surely have an impact on the storyline, and there was something foreboding about the way Saad and his father’s interaction went on the phone; there were hints that something life changing might occur to Saad in the next few episodes.

So overall, the episode was fun to watch and a great break from the drama from last week! But we hope that next week we will get some development in the plot and answers to some questions. Meanwhile, Zara Noor Abbas should definitely do more characters like Rani in the future! Do let us know what you thought of the episode!

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